Salt tablets


Round tablets (Sodium Chloride – NaCl) with lower and upper cylindrically (lenticularly) convex surface, of white colour, odourless, salty, without signs of slime during dissolution in water, they dissolve evenly, do not disintegrate into single crystals.


The product is designed for water treatment process: regeneration of ion exchangers, water softeners and multifunctional filters. It guarantees trouble-free operation and long working life of your devices.

Technical parameters

  • NaCl: 99.10% – 99.90%
  • Ph 1% r-n: 6.3÷8.0
  • Hardness coefficient: 250 – 349 N/cm2
  • Grindability: 0,5%
  • Insoluble substances: 0,002%
  • Calcium content: 0,002%
  • Iron content: 0,003%
  • Magnesium content: 0,001%
  • Sulphate content: 0,12%
  • Humidity: 0,03%

Physical and chemical characteristics

  • Force of pressure xy at the moment of tablet crushing (t.) 6 < xy < 9
  • Crushing force at the moment of tablet crumbling averages 85 kg /1 item
  • We produce salt tablets using suitable machines which guarantee appropriate pressure in the tablet- pressing process
  • Salt used in manufacturing of tablets is an ordinary evaporated table salt and do not contain iodine or anti-lumping agent
  • Salt produced by us complies with the requirements of the standard PN-86/C-84081/02


  • Diameter: ø 20mm
    Height: 12,5mm
  • Diameter: ø 25mm
    Height: 12mm


  • Foil bag PP 25 kg with description or without (to choose)
  • At pallets (Euro or ordinary) 1000 kg – wrapped in stretch film
  • BIG–BAG type of packaging – 1000 kg (1 ton) each

Materials for download